Why Would A Mouse Possibly Matter To Your Well-being?

Living in the modern society nowadays, how long do you use computer every day? Have you ever experienced pain from wrists, palms, arms, even diagnosed as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) or carpal tunnel syndrome, which are potentially resulted from using mouse overtime?

Let’s get to know more about ourselves first. Human wrist is made up of eight small bones known as carpals. They support a tube that runs through your wrist. That tube, called the carpal tunnel, has tendons and a nerve inside. It is covered by a ligament, which holds it in place.

If muscles have their natural way to work, where do we get those pains from? In fact, wrist pain is more common than you might think, which might be caused by repetitive motions. Everyday activities like using mouse or typing, racquet sports or sewing can cause pain, or even carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist pain with bruising and swelling can be a sign of injury. The signs of a possible fracture include misshapen joints and inability to move your wrist (Hand Anatomy, 2017).

How To Relax Your Muscles?

Compared with keyboard, using mouse requires more wrist and arm muscles involvement and movement. Therefore choosing an ergonomic-designed mouse, which helps hand to keep its natural starting position, is critical for preventing wrist pain symptom. Holding a mouse vertically so that your hand doesn’t need extra strength to bend your wrist, nor redundant movement of repetitive motions, is also helpful for reducing the possibility of wrist pains.
SIZE also matters, as we all know. A mouse that's too large or small for your hand size will cause you to stretch or cramp your tendons unnaturally (Barry Brenesal, 2017). For a long time, people don’t really pay attention to the fact that how a mouse is at fitting your hand size would be a key for how comfortable/uncomfortable while using a mouse. More reference, see How to measure your hand size.
Finally, there are numerous research results indicate the status of physical health and mental health are strongly affecting each other. Paying more attentions to details, improving the daily computer using habits and further creating a relaxing working condition, would definitely benefit your overall well-being.


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