When it comes to creative writing, we all have sometimes experienced a creative block. But, with our top tips you will be ready to impress and shine again.

Here are our top tips to boost your creative writing skills:

1. Brainstorm If you need a theme, a brainstorming is a great idea to get something interesting and fresh to write about. It’s great to do in a team or at least with somebody, but it isn’t impossible to do it alone. A piece of paper is your best friend, since you want to write down all the ideas crossing your mind, even if they might seem silly. If you completely lack ideas, Google it. With thousands of resources online, it was never easier to find your inspiration.

2. Don't be your toughest judge So, you finally started creating something, but all sudden you started reading your sentences and you are not really happy with your work? Don’t beat yourself, and let it go. Think about it as a work in progress, since you can always edit. You can also take a small break and call your dearest friend, or take a short walk. Reading your text after a short break always sounds completely different.

3. Relax yourself Stressing never brought you anything creative, right? This means you should think about relaxing and making yourself comfortable to wake up your creative juices. Try changing your working environment or try something new, like an ergonomic keyboard for super comfortable typing experience. Sometimes even favorite music or a cup of coffee can make us more relaxed and ready to create something amazing.

4. Feedback Now, you have a pretty decent text behind you, but you are still insecure about it and you need a second thought about it. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask somebody to read it and give you a feedback. Even if a person isn’t familiar with a theme, a comment can help you to upgrade it and make it understandable to everyone or to write about it with a different point of view.

At the end, even if it isn't perfect, it's still a work on your creative writing skills and you can only boost them with try and error writing method. 

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