Nowadays people are spending some really long time on computer and mouse, no kidding, it’s probably longer than the time with your partner! However do you really know how to pick, further using your ergonomic mouse properly? Now you may think…”I don’t know much about ergonomic mouse, what should I do?”

Relax, instead of reading a few dozen research paper, we have sorted out a quick guide for you below. Boy, let's not talk too much, just get started!


Size matters, as we all know ☺ but how critical it would be? Below we have some principles for picking a “right size” mouse:

  • 1. A suitable size should always fit your palm comfortably.
  • 2. You should be able to grab the mouse without squeezing your hand.
  • 3. You should be able to click all buttons and the scroll without reaching or contracting too much of your fingers.
  • 4. Your palm can be full support from the mouse without hovering the wrist too much.

How to measure your hand size?
Simply take a measurement from the base of your wrist/palm to the top of your middle finger.

  • Small: 15 cm or less
  • Medium: 15-17.8 cm
  • Large: 17.8 cm or more

  • Grip Your Mouse Properly

    The whole design concept for Perixx ergonomic mouse family is “Vertical Palm Grip”. This is a type of hand gesture of using mouse. By vertical palm grip, you simply grip the mouse in the most natural position while resting your entire hand on the mouse (see image on the right).

    Benefits you should know about it:
    • 1. The vertical design keeps your wrist stay at the natural position without forced to twist.
    • 2. By holding mouse in a natural position, pressure will be took off from your carpal tunnel.
    • 3. Entire palm can rests on the mouse instead of hovering the wrist in the air. Relax your forearm muscles in a long run.
    • 4. With reduced pains on forearm and shoulder, repetitive gliding mouse control becomes less stressful.

    See? Choosing a suitable ergonomic mouse is not that hard as you think. Let me put it this way, even wearing the wrong size clothes could make you look funny, what if using a wrong size ergonomic mouse? Not to mention in a wrong way. Don’t let the good intend turn out risking your wellbeing.

    Take home message

    Choose a proper ergonomic mouse wisely, so you can make every penny count and truly enjoy a healthy life.

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