Living in the digital age, we simply can't survive without typing. We use different keyboards on our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops daily. This is probably one of the activities you do most of your day if you are a student or working in an office. We don't even think about it anymore since it's so common, but the question is if we use it properly, with 10 fingers and if we can type fast enough and be fully productive while studying or working while staying healthy. We prepared for you our best typing tips and hope this will help you improve your typing skills.  

Touch typing

Learning how to type properly can take a few weeks. Make sure to practice daily and don't give up easily. Practicing touch typing (typing without looking) is something you should practice daily, because looking down while typing slows down your typing process. You can also try free typing workshops online as a practice. One of the best tips is to get to know your keyboard well because only if you have a clear picture of your keyboard in your mind, you will be able to focus on what you want to write and you won't make many mistakes. 

Typing basics

Sit with your back straight and keep your elbows bent. 
Position your fingers; left over the ASDF and right over JKL;
Don't look down. Focus on the screen and your thoughts.
Tips of your fingers should be on the keys to reduce stress.
Be patient. Typing fast don't happen instantly, take your time.


Key SHIFT you should always press with your small finger.

Use your thumbs to press the Space bar, with one that's more convenient for you. 

Useful shortcuts:

Copy: CTRL+C  
Paste: CTRL+V
Undo: CTRL+Z
Save: CTRL+S

What's your WPM?

WPM stands for typing speed measured in typed words per minute. You can find many free tests online and have it tested within a minute. Having a score in mind can help measure your typing speed improvement. 

Ergonomic typing

With PERIBOARD-512 you can be sure you are choosing the ultimate healthy and comfortable typing experience for yourself. 


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