Keyboards are one of our most important and most used peripherals, but since we use them daily, they can get dusty and full of bacteria or at a worst case - a victim of a liquid spillage. Therefore, we have collected our most useful cleaning tips to keep your keyboard as clean as a brand new one!

Water spill

At some point in your life there is a high chance you will spill some water on your keyboard, even if you are super-careful. Or it might happen to someone else by accident. We think you should know how to save your keyboard a life. First of all, unplug it. Turn it upside down, and put some towel underneath. After a few minutes check it out, and if needed remove keys to dry it out. The easiest way to remove the keys is to use a ruler to get underneath and with a low pressure pop them out. You can attach them again with simply positioning the key cap over the retainer and pressing it down. Let it air dry and when fully dry turn it on.

Coffee or soda spill

Spilling some water is the worst thing that can happen.  Water will evaporate and it's no hassle to clean. But, coffee or a soda drink containing sugar might be difficult to clean. You can't simply leave it air dry since it will leave marks and sticky residue, and it should be properly cleaned up straight away. First things first, unplug it. Turn it upside down with a towel underneath, and after few minutes pop-out the keys with a ruler and with a damp cloth followed with a dry cloth wipe it down. This should be enough to remove any unwanted residue. Let it be completely dry before turning it on. Voilà!

Dust and dirt

You probably already know that keyboards collect dirt and dust and should be cleaned regularly. We should maintain them clean to stay healthy at the first point, but also to make them look good and last longer. You always start with unplugging the keyboard from computer, turning it upside down to remove any dust. You can also use a small brush to brush away any dust in between the keys or a can of compressed air to blow it away. To remove any dirt marks, take cotton swab and dampen it with some water or isopropyl alcohol. In case there is something stuck under the key, you can remove keys as described previously. 



PERIBOARD-517 is wired full size dust proof, waterproof and washable keyboard with antimicrobial coating against the growth of molds, fungi and bacteria. Thanks to the drainage holes at the bottom of the keyboard dries very fast and can be regularly hand washed. 


In case you have spilled coffee or soda, you can simply hand wash it with water only and let it dry in a well ventilated room. USB connector is not recommended being immersed. Using dishwasher or a dish soap to wash it or hair dryer to dry it is not recommended as well. 

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