Based on true stories

"Just a few days ago I bought this small keyboard, but something weird happened when I started typing… It kept typing out some random numbers instead of letters… What is going on?! All I need is a simple keyboard that does its job..."

Chill, you can solve this

This is not a horror movie, neither any ghost is messing with your keyboard. Chances are your new keyboard is working just fine. All you need is few simple checking steps to solve the issue:

  • 1. Check if only keys with extra printed blue numbers (or the same color as your "Fn" key), type out numbers.
  • 2. If yes, means the Number Lock function is on.
  • 3. Press “Fn”+”Num Lock” to switch it off.
  • 4. Problem solved! Now all typing will be normal, you tech-savvy!!

Little known fact about Number Lock:

    • NUM LOCK is a function allows users to switch between numeric keypad and arrow keys/letter keys. People may misunderstand this as a keyboard design flaw. In fact, NUM LOCK default depends on Windows OS setup instead of hardware design. FN key, short form for Function, a modifier key used in a compact/mini layout to combine keys for multiple functions. With FN key, small size keyboards are as competent as full-size keyboards, and more space-saving!


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