PERIMICE-718 - Ergonomische Linkshänder Maus

  • PERIMICE-718 ist die erste vertikale Perixx-Maus die speziell für Linkshänder entwickelt wurde. Mit einer vertikalen Maus kann man im Gegenzug zu herkömmlichen Mäusen den Unterarm gerade halten und so jeglichen Schmerzen vorbeugen
  • Ideal für größere Hände geeignet. Je nach Präferenz kann man während des Gebrauchs die Sensitivität der Maus an den dpi Tasten verstellen (800/1200/1600)
  • Die Maus wird mit einem USB-Nano Empfänger verbunden und kann dank Plug & Play sofort verwendet werden, der Treiber kann zusätzlich verwendet werden um 5 von 6 Tasten zu programmieren (Download von der Perixx Homepage)
  • Die natürliche Handhabung der Maus wird durch den Extra-Halt durch die Wellenlinien am Daumen verstärkt. Das elegante Design in Schwarz/Rot wertet jede Arbeitsumgebung auf.
  • An/Ausschalter unter Maus, nach 10 Sekunden Ruhe geht die Maus in den Auto Power-Saving Modus, nach 8-10 Minuten in den Schlafmodus
  • 2xAAA Batterien benötigt, nicht enthalten
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For all left-handers out there, your long hours of using the mouse which never fit is over. With Perixx Ergonomic collection’s new Left-Hand optical mouse – PERIMICE-718, Perixx is bring a new ground to our user. No more compromise, left-handed user now can fully enjoy the comfortable, natural and precise mouse-using experience on a daily basis.
Ergonomic vertical shape specifically-designed for left-handers, fitting the natural position of palm and wrist muscle while gripping the mouse. Easy access to multiple usage through 6 buttons (5 programmable buttons). Instinct three-level sensitivity adjustment of the most widely-used 800/1200/1600 dpi setup. Streamlined shape decorated with black and red, chic and elegant for home, office, studio and everywhere. With PERIMICE-718 heft-hand mouse, get ready to make your everyday life a comfortable and sustainable voyage. 

• How to measure hand size?
Simply take a measurement from the base of your wrist / palm to the top of your middle finger. If this measurement is 17.8cm or more then you are best suited to a large ergonomic mouse. If this measurement is less than 17.8cm then you are best suited to a standard size ergonomic mouse.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 100 g
Abmessung 11.9 x 8.7 x 6.4 cm
Handgröße L
DPI 800/1200/1600
Feature Programmierbar, Ergonomisch
Sensor Optisch
Systemvoraussetzung Windows XP/7/8/10
Tastenanzahl 6
Operating range 10 meters
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Q1: Can the buttons be programmed to keyboard functions, such as ESC?
Dear Customer, Yes you can assign key press to marco, then assign marco to mouse buttons. By Perixx USA SELLER on May 11, 2017
Q2: Could I disable the curser movement on this and use the bottoms only as keys to work I unisen with another mouse?
Dear customer, The mouse cursor/pointer is operating system setup instead of hardware. Therefore please check your OS setup (some touch screen PC may support such function). By Perixx USA SELLER on September 15, 2017
Q3: What does the gray button in the middle do? It's not programmable on the Software.
Dear Customer, It's the DPI switch for 3 level DPI adjustment (800/1200/1600). By Perixx USA SELLER on May 16, 2017
Q4: Is the buttons already swapped or do you have to change in computer? If you plug it in does automatic the index = regular click and ring="rightclick"?
Default just like typical microsoft mouse setting (left/middle-roller/right click/back/forward button), you don't have to change it unless if you want to customize it, in the mouse properties thru control panel you can switch between primary and secondary button and other setting. By Handoko on August 10, 2017
Q5: Is this product not Mac OS compatible?
Dear Customer Most of our products are designed for Windows platform, but we know that many users are using it with Mac system. With the constant update of Mac OS X, we know that some features of the product may have compatibility problem after the update. In order not to confuse the customer, we have decided to list the product with Windows platform only. If you will need to use it with Mac system, please check with the reviews from other Amazon users first. Please also note about that some features may have only limited function or no function under the Mac system, and this may change from time to time with each update. By Perixx USA SELLER on May 18, 2017
Q6: Is there a right-handed version of this exact model? (I mean a right-handed 718, specifically. Not another right-handed Perixx mouse like the 608).
Dear Customer, Yes we do have the right-handed version on the product development planning. Estimated to be launched early next year. For more information, feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information. By Perixx USA SELLER on May 8, 2017
Q7: what is their warranty policy?
The warranty is one year, and you can submit the RMA request at the website with replacement By Perixx USA SELLER on August 21, 2017
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