Defect product? - Checklist: My product has stopped working or does not work properly, what can I do?
  • 1. Please connect your perixx product to another PC/smart phone/tablet and check if the problem repeats. If it is a wireless product, please insert new batteries or ensure the product is fully charged. Then continue your test. Please try to connect your item to one of the USB ports on the back of your PC for a stable power connection, since the front USB ports do not provide enough power.
  • 2. If the driver of the item doesn't work or doesn't recognize it. Please uninstall driver, restart you PC, then download and install latest driver from Perixx support website. (http://perixx.eu/en/driver.html ) Please check your antivirus permissions right since it might block the execution of the hid.exe.
Why does the wireless keyboard or combo stop its` function after the computer’s operating system wakes up from its ” hibernation” or other scenario? And how can I get the keyboard to work immediately?

Actually, it is a normal phenomenon; the computer’s ”hibernation” mode had confused the channels of the keyboard/Combo on the receiver.When you installed the keyboard/Combo at the first time, the computer has memorized the keyboard/Combo connection channel.You simply only need to reset the connection.Please press the connect button on the receiver, and then press the connect button on the keyboard/mouse within 5 seconds.Your product should resume the work immediately.

Why some keys (like j, k, l, u, i, o, etc...) doesn't appear correctly? How do I enable or disable the "Number Lock" feature?

By default, your computer enable the "Number Lock" feature, and it helps the user to use the numeric pad separately and easily. When you switch the keyboard to mini size or compact size, you should disable the "Number Lock" feature by pressing the Fn + Number Lock 2 keys together. You can also change the setting at your PC, and please find the video link below.

I have installed the keyboard software but the keyboard still does not function?

Please uninstall the software first, and then locate in the system for all your previous keyboard software. Uninstall all of these too, plus the drivers. Next, reboot the system and let Windows detect the Keyboard and assign the driver. Make sure the Keyboard function as a generic version first. Then reinstall the software to add the special functions as mentioned per manual.

I do not have a PS/2 port on my computer; can I use the PS/2 to DIN plug converter?

We do not recommend this as the PS/2 connector has more signals and thus is able to provide more functions for the keyboard such as the hot-keys and programmable functions. Using the converter can cause compatibility issues; in fact, the keyboard might not be able to be installed under Windows.

Why does my mouse not work on the Notebook PC?

  • 1. Some Notebook touchpad has the default setting set to the PS/2 port.
  • 2. Disable the touchpad from the CMOS setting and connect the Mouse to the PS/2 port.
My mouse has no function, what should I do?

  • 1. Make sure the connection is properly hooked up.
  • 2. Make sure the port is enabled and correctly connected to the product.
Can I use the Serial to PS/2 adapter for my PS/2 mouse as sold in computer outlets and retail stores?

We advise not to because the adapter might have different wirings for the signal pins, this causing erratic operation or non-detection of the mouse. Secondly, if you still have the serial mouse port, it can mean that your system is quite old and not recommended for current USB and PS/2 mouse that have many built-in functions.

My USB mouse is not working in DOS mode especially in Recovery and utility programs

For USB Mouse to work in DOS, check the mainboard BIOS setup. There should be an option to enable USB Mouse. This setting will run the mouse driver in DOS applications. Note: Older mainboards do not support this feature, so read your mainboard manual first. Current generations and above should have this feature in the BIOS setup.

Why does the wireless mouse stop its function after the computer's operating system wakes up from its' "hibernation" or other scenario? And how can I get the mouse to work immediately?

Actually, it is a normal phenomenon; the computer's "hibernation" mode had confused the channels of the mouse on the receiver. When you installed the mouse at the first time, the computer has memorized the mouse connection channel. You simply only need to reset the connection. Please press the connect button on the receiver, and then press the connect button on the mouse within 5 seconds. Your product should resume the work immediately.

The mouse's left button works as the right button, and the right button performs as the left one, why?

This happens when you have accidentally set the mouse as a "left-handed" user setting. You may change it by clicking the mouse icon and select "Button" in the property screen and choose "right-handed" at button configuration volume.

My Optical mouse cursor tends to jump across the screen and moves with erratic movement, what should I do?

All Optical mouse uses light reflection to read as movements. If the mouse glides on glossy surface that reflects lots of light, then the mouse will read these as movement too. The results will be excessive movements. To have the mouse cursor move correctly, change the working surface to a medium tone, matt colored surface. Another possibility could be due to error in configuration. Go to the Mouse applet in Control Panel. Adjust the speed to your preferred cursor movement. Last, a conflict in 2 mouse drivers might cause this problem. So always ensure that only the current mouse driver remains in the system. Always uninstall the previous mouse driver and its utility application if any.

My mouse tends to misbehave now and then, and sometimes it functions properly. Why?

There are several causes that can create such an issue.

  • 1. Driver and Hardware conflict - Uninstall all Mouse drivers and applications. Reinstall only the current mouse driver and application.
  • 2. Utility application - Some USB and serial port Mouse requires its applications to be installed. Check the CD-ROM that comes with the package and install the driver and application. Note: that some do not have driver and application in one installation, so please verify that both are installed completely.
  • 3. Virus - never discount this possibility. Install an Antivirus program and scan the entire hard disk (s) if you have not done this yet. Some viruses can cause mouse to function erratically.
  • 4. Registry - problem in the registry or some Hard disk corruption can cause mouse control problems. Start the System Restore process, and scan the Hard Disk for file corruptions. Try to restore your registry to its working state.
  • 5. Last, test the mouse on a friend's or another computer to isolate the problem. Sometimes, it is the mouse port that is causing the problem.
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