Large Hand Ergo
True ergonomics for left & right handed
Keep Life
Straight Forward
"The healthy way to type at a keyboard is to have the hands as
naturally straight as possible in a posture that we called the neutral posture".
- Modern Ergonomists
When Trackball Meets Keyboard
PERIBOARD-322/522 Large Trackball Mechanical Keyboard
Productivity 2.0
you don't know about


Learn how to type faster

Learning how to type properly can take few weeks. Make sure to practice daily and don't give up easily.
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The best ways to clean your keyboard

In this blog post we have collected our most useful cleaning tips to keep your keyboard as clean as a brand new one!
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Creative writing was never easier

When it comes to creative writing, we all have sometimes experienced a creative block. But, with our top tips you will b ...
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Minimalism in computing

Minimalism in computing refers to the application of minimalist philosophies and principles in the design and use of har ...
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