PERIBOARD-317 - Rückbeleuchtete Tastatur

  • PERIBOARD-317 is a wired backlit keyboard with full size design, 440x129x27 mm.
  • White Backlit LED - Stylish illuminated letters and keys, easier to be used in a lower light enviroment, for example in a studio. Built in backlit on/off button.
  • Stylish chiclet key design
  • Plug and Play keyboard with USB interface, easy to start to use. 1.6 meter cable, long enough for you to connect with your computer, whether it is on or under your desk.
  • Low profile key design - easy and convenient typing feeling. Perfect for your office and home.

Simple, plug and play, eye-catching white LED backlit, low profile keys, stylish chiclet key design, PERIBOARD-317 will keep you company and make your typing THAT effortless than ever.

Nowadays we are longing for technology to make life easier and more convenient, however many over-designed devices are doing the other way around. A ready-to-go keyboard with plug-and-play feature, simple yet helpful white LED backlit letters and keys suitable for dark environments, low profile keys accelerate typing speed, one-piece and chiclet key design leave all redundant parts behind… This is what you need for everyday computer use, a keyboard who can truly do the job. If you are tired of those complex functions never help but only confuse, you should try the PERIBOARD-317 and enjoy the relaxed life you deserve.

• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or later
• Dimension: 440x129x27 mm
• Weight: 550 g
• Interface: USB 2.0
• Key switch type: Membrane

Weitere Informationen
Feature Large Print
Abmessung 440 x 129 x 31 mm
Gewicht 526 g
Kabellänge 1.5 m
Verbindung USBKabelgebunden (USB)
Format Vollformat
Tasten Typ Membran
Rückbeleuchtung Ja
Rückbeleuchtung Farbe Weiss
Systemvoraussetzung Windows XP/7/8/10
Farbe black
Mac support Yes
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