PERIBOARD-522 Large Trackball Mechanical Keyboard

  • Mechanical keyboard with built-in 55 mm large trackball and tilting scroll wheel; Easily adjust the sensitivity of the trackball movement by FN+F9
  • The glossy trackball surface offers smooth movements, perfect for fast moving and multiple screens control work
  • Easy to removed and clean the trackball by taping it from the bottom hole, using the blunt side of a pencil or a pen

All-In-One 2.0 for Productivity

Sturdy and balanced quality make PERIBOARD-522 a great keyboard. But what really upgrades it to an “All-in-one 2.0” solution is the large 55mm built-in trackball.

Perixx is the first pioneer introducing this trackball built-in mechanical heavy-duty keyboard to the industry. The structure and layout are sophisticatedly designed to properly accommodate the 55m trackball and tilting scroll wheel (horizontal scrolling function), keeping the quality stable and reliable.

Customers with long-term wrist and shoulder pains due to repetitive movements, PERIBOARD-522 is your go-to solution for pain-relieving and productivity-enhancing!

  • Full size keyboard with numeric 10-key pad. Dimension: 474 x 169 x 68mm
  • Built-in large 55mm (2.17 inches) trackball
  • Mechanical Kailh Brown switch
  • Tilting scroll wheel (vertical & horizontal scrolling)
  • Gold-plated USB
  • Easy cleaning design

Weitere Informationen
Abmessung 47.4 x 16.9 x 6.8 cm
Gewicht 1.4 kg
Kabellänge 1.8 m
Verbindung USBKabelgebunden (USB)
Format Vollformat
Tasten Typ Mechanical Brown Switch
Rückbeleuchtung Nein
Mausfunktion Trackball
Systemvoraussetzung Windows XP/7/8/10
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