PERIMICE-713 L - Wireless Left-Handed Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

  • PERIMICE-713L is a wireless 2.4 G ergonomic vertical mouse for left handers with high quality rubber coating surface. It is designed for all different size of hand, fitting the natural position of palm and wrist muscle while gripping the mouse.
  • Natural ergonomic vertical with left-handed design. Recommended to Repetitive Strain Injuries RSI User and user works particularly long periods on the computer, for example, office workers, gamers and internet surfers. Prevents possible mouse arm or tennis elbow (RSI syndrome).
  • Easy access to multiple usage through 6 buttons. Instinct two-level sensitivity adjustment of the most widely-used 1000/1200/1600 dpi setup.
  • Plug and Play mouse with Nano USB receiver, easy to start to use with standard setting function. At the back of the mouse equipped with storage compartment, easy to carry with.
  • On/Off switch. Auto Power-Saving: Mouse automatically enters power saving mode after 10 seconds of being standby mode, 6-8 minutes of being sleeping mode. Two AAA battery required. (Not included in package)
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    True Ergonomic Design For Leftie

    Lefties of the world have to deal with many disadvantages in daily life products. Choosing a comfortable mouse to protect us from daily muscle injury should be easy, but might seem a luxurious wish for most lefties.

    PERIMICE-713L is the left version of Perixx’s top selling mouse of ergonomic family.

    Streamline design for the most natural position of human wrist. Slightly tilted left shape, easy grab without bending wrist and arm. Effective prevention of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) syndrome. Precisely calculated design of button layout, ideal for all hand size left-handers.

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    Practical And Good-Looking

    On top of the exceptional touch feeling from the high quality rubber coating, 6 button design includes one 3-level DPI switch and 2 internet browsing side buttons, providing an easy reach to every necessary click, greatly reducing repetitive stress on fingers.

    Precise optical sensor, accurate tracking leaves no details behind. 2.4G wireless connection up to 10 meter operating range, more freedom to organize your work space.

More Information
Weight 88 g
Product Dimensions 12 x 6.3 x 7.5 cm
For Hand Size S ( < 15 cm), M ( 15-17.8 cm), L ( > 17.8 cm)
DPI 800/1200/1600
Feature Ergonomic
System Requirement Windows XP/7/8/10
Number of Buttons 6
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