PERIBOARD-510 H PLUS - Super-Mini Touchpad Tastatur

  • Built-In Touchpad - Support your hand movement to stay in one place by moving the cursor without moving your arm while tracks accurately
  • Membrane Switch - Silent X-type scissor keys with 8 million keystrokes life cycle times (min) for a fast and comfortable typing experience
  • 2 Built-In USB Ports - Two additional USB hubs that are integrated to connect extended devices, such as: mouse, USB stick, external hard disk; Cable length: 4.9 foot or 1.5 meters; Dimension: 9.06 x 6.3 x 0.91 inches (23 x 16 x 26.20 cm) H4; Weight: 0.89lb (408 grams)
  • Enable/Disable NumLock - Press FN + Numb lock two keys together to enable or disable the Number Lock function

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