Perixx ERGO Mechanical Keyboard - PERIBOARD-535 Full-Size or PERIBOARD-335 Compact

$119.99 $199.90
  • Ergonomic Design for Optimal Comfort: Our mechanical keyboard features a split keyframe and curved design, promoting a healthier posture by encouraging the natural positioning of your wrists and arms while typing.
  • Versatile Ultra-Low Profile Switches: Enjoy the cutting-edge performance of mechanical switches in a sleek, low-profile design with quiet options perfect for office environments. Choose from three distinct switch types to match your preferred typing experience: quiet linear, quiet tactile, or clicky switches.
  • Customizable Reverse Tilt: Tailor the keyboard's angles to suit your workspace setup, ensuring a neutral wrist posture and enhanced typing comfort.
  • Programmable Keys for Personalized Workflow: Utilize our user-friendly software to reconfigure keys, assign custom actions, and create macros, streamlining specific tasks and optimizing your work efficiency.
  • Broad System Compatibility: Our ergonomic mechanical keyboard is compatible with Windows OS, Linux OS, and macOS. While the downloadable software is exclusive to Windows OS, the keys remain programmable through an on-the-fly macro key setup for other operating systems. Experience improved comfort and productivity with this versatile keyboard.

Reduce Muscle Strain for Enhanced Comfort

The ERGO Mechanical Keyboard's sloped design minimizes wrist and forearm injuries caused by extended computer use. Its ergonomic structure not only improves comfort but also aids users suffering from existing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) conditions.

Natural Typing Experience for Improved Posture

Featuring a split keyboard design and a curved frame, the ERGO Mechanical Keyboard positions your wrists and arms in a relaxed and natural posture, enhancing your typing experience and promoting better typing posture.

Full-Size or Tenkeyless Options for Personal Preference

Choose between the full-size or tenkeyless (compact) design to suit your needs.

  • The full-size option is perfect for those who rely on the keyboard's right-side numeric keypad, providing all the functionality needed for efficient data entry.
  • On the other hand, the tenkeyless (compact) design caters to users seeking to conserve desk space and minimize the distance between the keyboard and mouse, promoting a more comfortable and ergonomic setup.

Both keyboard options are constructed based on advanced ergonomic principles rooted in human anatomy, reducing and preventing strain injuries from repetitive stress.

Reverse Tilt Position for Optimal Wrist Support

The integrated palm rest offers exceptional support to your palm and wrist, correcting wrist pronation during typing. This innovative feature can be adjusted to three distinct angles—0°, -4°, and -7°—accommodating various user preferences and workspace environments. By customizing the keyboard's angle according to personal habits and usage scenarios, users can achieve the most comfortable and ergonomic typing experience possible, effectively preventing undue pressure and muscle strains.

Mechanical Switches for Enhanced Ergonomics and Performance

Embrace the cutting-edge combination of ergonomic design and low-profile mechanical switches, a pioneering innovation in the industry. The ERGO Mechanical Keyboard not only provides a more comfortable typing experience but also increases typing speed with the clear feedback from the mechanical switches. By promoting a healthy typing posture and delivering an enjoyable typing experience, the ERGO Mechanical Keyboard is perfect for any workspace and user seeking enhanced ergonomics and performance.


Quiet Linear Red

The quietest mechanical key switch option provides a smooth and consistent feel throughout the keystroke — the perfect choice for office use.

Quiet Tactile Brown

Quiet mechanical key switches that deliver tactile typing without loud audible feedback.

Clicky Blue

The perfect option for mechanical keyboard fans who love audible feedback and extremely tactile typing.


with or without software*

Easily assign custom key actions, record macros, and remap keys with built-in macro keys while in motion on macOS or Windows OS. Up to 10 macros per profile.

Or download Perixx software that will allow you to program the keys in a single platform. Perixx software is only available for Windows OS*

Download driver


  • Interface

    USB Type-A

  • Size

    398 × 202 × 44 mm (Compact/TKL)
    474 × 202 × 44 mm (Full-size)

  • Weight

    882±50 g (Compact/TKL)
    1074±50 g (Full-size)

  • Cable length

    5.9 ft (1.8 m)

  • Operating system

    Windows 7 or later
    MacOS Big Sur 11.2.1 or later

  • Actuation distance

    1.5±0.5 mm

  • Total travel distance

    3.0±0.5 mm

  • Durability

    70 million keypresses

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