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About Perixx

Founded in 2006 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Perixx is a solution provider of computer peripherals, specializes in input and output devices, keyboard and mice. The first part of the company name "PERI" represents our focus on peripheral business; the double "XX" at the end emphasizes the progress of technology.

Perixx portfolio of consumer and professional products is versatile, ranging from industrial and professional application, to special and personal usage. The growing need of customers has been motivating our continuous evolution. Practical functionality, ergonomic design, user-friendly yet appealing outlook, outstanding performance with fair price, solid cooperation with world’s top-notch manufacturers only, which all have been presenting Perixx’s unique value.

As the "Value creator", Perixx strives to meet and exceed customer’s expectation. We are here to inspire you with not only sophisticated quality, but also fast and efficient communication.