PERIPRO-303 GBK - Glossy Black 1.34 Inch (34mm) Replacement Trackball

$9.99 $19.90
  • Replacement Trackball - Designed for any trackball mice using 1.34 inches (34mm) trackball size. Such as from Perixx: PERIMICE-517/717, Perimice-520 and Perimice-720, Logitech: MX Ergo, M570, Cordless, Kensington: TrackMan Wheel (not include Trackman Marble), Elecom: M-XT3DRBK (EX-6), M-DT2URBK, EX-G/DEFT, Sanwa: MA-WTB43BK.
  • Glossy Surface - The surface is treated with a special coating to provide a precise and smooth tracking performance.
  • Absolute Spherical - Provides fast movements and works perfectly for multiple screen control.
  • How to Remove the Trackball - The trackball from PERIMICE-517/717 can be easily removed from the bottom hole of the mouse, using the tip of your finger.
  • Available in Various Colors: Glossy red, glossy blue, glossy, purple, glossy pink, glossy yellow, glossy lavender, and, glossy green.
  • Made in EU - Our trackballs are made from high quality materials in Belgium to provide you with best performance and smooth tracking experience. 

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$9.99 $19.90
Total Cursor Control

Total Cursor Control

PERIPRO-303 is the newest trackball selection from Perixx. The 303 Series has a 34mm (1.34 inches) diameter, which is the most optimal size for thumb-control. It is also the most common trackball size that is used for major trackball mice brands in the market.

Compatible With Various Trackball Mice Brands

Compatible With Various Trackball Mice Brands

All PERIPRO-303 trackballs are compatible with Perixx products..

It is also suitable for other trackball devices, such as MX Ergo, M570/TrackMan Wheel,/ M-DT2DRBK / M-DT2URBK / M-XPT1MRXBK/M-XT3DRBK / M-XT3URBK / M-XT4DRBK.

Thoughtfully Designed

Thoughtfully Designed

All Perixx trackballs are designed in Germany with a focus on top quality and precision. This is done through sophisticated coating techniques with two finishing types, supporting highly sensitive sensors and better performance for all trackball mice.

Product information

Product Specification

Dimension 34 mm Diameter
Weight 30 g
Density 1.2
Material Prox Epoxy Resin, Polyester
Finish Polish
Certifications CE, FCC
System Requirement Windows 7, 8, 10
Working Temperature 0 to 90°C
Color Glossy Black

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